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    prelator8th December 2014, 03:55 PMSo there are five distinct clips in a single corrupted video file? Is it recovering 100% of each clip 3 times, or 50% of each clip 3 times? Do you have the setting, "Detect new movie clips" turned off or on? Maye try flipping that and see what happensjust not hard drives5Maciejjy28th June 2015, 06:26 PMHelloHere is how to double the file size on a Mac: - Open the Terminal app (time Terminal in Spotlight, upper right of your screen) - Type "cat " without the quotesIf using version or higher, run the command in step (c) a second time, which will triple the file size instead of doubling it (quadrupling may also work though I haven't tried that).This defeats the bugfix that patched the doubling exploit, since the file is no longer exactly twice the length of the original videoApple News Apple Reviews Apple How To Macworld Magazine Apple Deals Mac Forums Tech Advisor France - Tests complets, conseils Apple Mac iPhone Reviews iPad Reviews Mac Downloads About Macworld Contact Site Map Information for advertisers Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Cookies UK Tech Weekly Podcast:Soundcloud/ iTunes Follow Macworld on Twitter Follow Macworld on Facebook Copyright 2017 IDG UKYou'll have to find some other technique for Macsmike20sm20th January 2013, 10:52 PMDoes this mean your rig had an unexpected meeting with the ground? :)thesull29th December 2013, 06:46 PMWorked! Thank you!This appears to get around whatever bugfix the developers made to stop the doubling hackFree software = Free software and also open source codeDownload 64-bit version = If you have a 64bit operating system you can download this versionNote: The latest version of the utility may have been patched to prevent using this trick, though as of December 2014 I have verified it will work with v1.9.0.1, as long as you triple the video size rather than double it- Then drag you video to the terminal window


    7Then use the repair tool (you will need one working video with the same settings as the one you want to repair)MartijnMartijn21st April 2013, 04:00 PMme too! if I upload my broken video file, can you please please please do the fix for me? it means a lot to me, its a video made far away from my home and its for a special girlDownload beta = It could be a Beta, RC(Release Candidate) or an Alpha / Nightly / Unstable version of the softwareIt works on 32-bit and 64-bit Mac OSSo,here is how to make a video twice longer: - Open the Terminal app (time Terminal in Spotlight, upper right of your screen) - Type "cat " without the quotesSorry don't knowAll customer files are kept confidentialRun the video repair tool by double-clicking the application gs.app (Mac) or gs.exe (PC) 47c21cc077

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